Health and Applied Sciences

The program equips candidates with theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to achieve foundations in Pharmaceutical technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, Health Records, Applied Biology and Community Health and Development. With the state-of-the-art laboratory, fully equipped library with relevant Health and Medical titles, the Health and Medical sciences programs allows learners to study and gain necessary training in the profession in order to respond to reality.

(Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences)
The Public has become more aware of their health needs hence increasing the demand for laboratory services, which also includes use technology and techniques that were not available previously. Therefore the course aims at providing health care professionals who will serve at Class B Laboratory level at both the public and private sector.
(Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology)
To assist the learner to work in the areas of drug supply, distribution and management. The course also provides learners with a foundation for further training as the demand for qualified Pharmaceutical Technologists grows higher than ever before, and their work more varied to meet the changing health demands and requirements of the population in access to quality health care for appropriate deployment in health care system in both public and private sub-sectors.

Minimum Entry Requirements
Diploma: KCSE C (plain), C (plain) in Biology and Chemistry & in Mathematic or Physics, English or Kiswahili


Health and Medical Sciences
This program provides candidates with theoretical and practical propensities for a successful career in medical or health science.
Medical Sciences (Pharmaceutical Technology & Medical Laboratory Technology)
Entry Requirements
Diploma: C (plain) and above Aggregate at KCSE level and at least C (plain) in Biology and Chemistry & in Mathematic or Physics, English or Kiswahili

Health Sciences (Counseling Psychology, Community Health & Development)
Entry Requirements
Diploma: KCSE grade of C-(minus) and above or its equivalent and at least C- (minus) in Biology or D+ (plus) in KCSE with additional one-and-half-year Certificate from a college registered by the Ministry of Education
Certificate: KCSE grade of D+ (plus) and above or its equivalent

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