Tracom College is a private mid-level institution of higher/tertiary learning that is located in Nakuru Town. The administrative offices are located at 4th floor Gibcon House on Kenyatta Avenue/Kijabe Row. It was incorporated in 1998 and was registered under Cap 486 of the Companies Act. It is also registered with the Ministry of Education Registration Number MOEST/PC/554/2001. The college is recognized and is affiliated with various regulatory & professional bodies such as:

  • KNEC
  • Pharmacy and Poisons Board
  • Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologist Board
  • Kenya Veterinary Board
  • Commission for University Education (formerly CHE)

The college has played a significant role in education of the youth contributing in creation of employment in both the public and private sector and spurred development in the region.


A leading tertiary institution in equipping the society with relevant tools, knowledge and skills for the contemporary world


To provide quality client focused training services that are effective leading to market ready and technological savvy professionals


To nurture intellectual capabilities of the individual for societal development necessary for the future

Core Values

•    Innovation
•    Hard work
•    Creativity
•    Diversity Hard work
•    Commitment to Excellence
•    Integrity
•    Honesty
•    Respect
•    Efficiency


Experience the Difference

National Goals of Education

The College endeavours to meet the following goals of the National Education through the different programmes it offers in Information and Communications Technology training, Business and Health and Applied Sciences.

1.    National Unity:  Education in Kenya must foster a sense of nationhood to promote national unity
2.    National Development:  Education should meet the economic and social needs for national growth and community development.
3.    Individual Development and Self-Fulfilment: Education should provide opportunities for the complete learning and development to build on individual talent skills and personality.
4.    Social Equity:  Education should promote social equality and foster a sense of social responsibility therefore promoting peace, cohesion and tolerance through education that provides equal education opportunities for all.
5.    Respect and Culture: to create a conscious society that respects our cultural heritage and diversity; therefore positive attitudes towards patriotism and individuals from other regions.

CSR Programmes

•    We have continuously donated computers and technology related material to schools and homes for the needy to enhance the learning experience for all in various parts of Kenya. In this process we train teachers on IT courses to ensure they are able to deliver better in their teaching methodologies.
•    We have donated medical equipment and personnel time in the treatment of the needy within the community
•    We have continuously sponsored academic programmes for students within the community that are bright and needy

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